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A Most Cordial Welcome to All…

Ekoji will be a place where the differences of race, color or creed will disappear. Ekoji will be open to all who earnestly seek the Dharma.– Rev Kenryu Tsuji, Founding Minister, 1981Ekoji Sangha

 Welcome to Ekoji Buddhist Temple. It is our great pleasure to greet friendly visitors like you.

Ekoji means “The Temple of the Gift of Light.” Our mother temple is Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-Ha in Kyoto, Japan and our denomination is commonly known as Shin Buddhism. A Japanese monk named Shinran established this form of Buddhism in the 12th century. Jodo Shinshu literally ” The True Teaching of the Pure Land” ; generally accepted as founded by Shinran, who was a disciple of Honen. In contrast to Honen’s other disciples, Shinran stressed the centrality of the true entrusting as  the fundamental basis of birth in the Pure Land and Enlightenment, and not the merit of practices directed to that end. Shinran believe that laypeople can reach Enlightenment and you did not have to become a monk/nun as a Jodo Shinshu follower. 

Our temple was founded in 1981 in Northern Virginia and moved to its current location in 1998. The aim of our fellowship is to live the life of gratitude, and share the rejoicing of it with others, having awakened to the fact that we are being taken care of by the Immeasurable Light and Life, the Wisdom and Compassion of Amida Buddha.

Please browse the website to learn more about Shin Buddhism and the temple’s various activities, including our regular Sunday services.

There are many cherry trees around our temple. They blossom beautifully when the spring comes. Please come and enjoy them. The road to Ekoji is wide and has no gate. We welcome you at any time.

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